Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Morning Work

Full Sheet(50x70cm) Hahnemuehle Britannia 300gms+Schmincke colors.
A combination of imagination,ref photos I took and myself being a model for the front character.
This painting began with photo I took at the Bodrum food bazaar.The fat man with the hat looked interesting and I wanted to do a painting of him.
This is how this painting evolved from this photo from a market scene to something else in a full sheet.
First sketch is 1/4 sheet size,
the other two are 1/2 sheet size except the last one which is full sheet.


Deb Townsend said...

Nusret, I'm so glad you've started a blog! You're one of my very favorite artists and I've added the link to your blog on my blog.

To get rid of the space, just go in and edit the post. At the bottom of your text, delete the space.


Nusret Topuzoğlu said...

Hi Deb,so glad you visited my blog and adding the link.Thank you for the tip too,I'll try.

Jutta said...

Hi Nusret!!
How nice to see your Blog!!! This sure are some of my favorites of your paintings.
It's nice to see the reference photo too, i love what you made of it


Nusret Topuzoğlu said...

Hi Jutta,thank you for visiting and leaving a message!