Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Recent Exhibition

Today my exhibition is officially over.I'll take down the remaining paintings tomorrow."Remaining"doesn't mean a lot sold,only six but I'm not unhappy about it.It was a very small but very nice galery and only 25 paintings were in display. 5 of the sold paintings are Istanbul scenes,landscapes of which I had strong hope of sales didn't sell so maybe this is something I should keep in mind for the next exhibition.I'm happy that my Shanghay Biennale piece was also sold.

By the way, my "Pastoral" was in display in the opening night then I sent it to France as it was selected for the Salon de L'Aquarelle du Haylan 2011 international Watercolor Exhibition which will start on 18th April.


Carol Blackburn said...

Congratulations Nusret, what a wonderful show. You all look so happy, too. I love hearing about the accomplishments of my fellow artists. Enjoy your day!

Fernando Pena said...

Congratulations Nusret, well done

devotedmomof7 said...

Nusret I would have seen your exhibition. Thanks for sharing the photos with us. You are doing so well! Congratulations!!

Nusret Topuzoğlu said...

Carol,Fernando,Cheryl-Thank you so much for stopping by,appreciated!

Icarus said...

Nusret, congrats on the exhibition. Also, I think the 'Pastoral' is a superb painting, well selected for the Expo in France.
Now, something that has me intrigued. The word 'Nisan' Turkish for April? Or another calendar? Would appreciate your answer.

Nusret Topuzoğlu said...

Stew,thank you again for visiting my blog,yes Nisan is the Turkish word for April.

Christy said...

Nusret, you have been busy! From what I could see, the paintings look beautiful. Congrats on doing your show-they are a lot of work but fun to hear what people say about them. I bet you had many positive comments!

Christy said...

I forgot to tell you congrats on your Pastoral also. I love that so much!

Nusret Topuzoğlu said...

Christy ,thank you so much for your time to stop by and comment,It was stressful but worth it.

jane minter said...

hi nurset that's brilliant news ...congratulations on pastorals being selected good to see a few photos of you at your show

Nick said...

they look great, and I see the red dots -- best critique of all!

Nusret Topuzoğlu said...

Jane&Nick-good to see you here,appreciated.There were 8 red dots altogether ,not bad...

Jenny Schouten Short said...

Your work is beautiful and a style I like to paint.

Nusret Topuzoğlu said...

Jenny-many thanks for stopping by!

Marion said...

Nusret, these are very interesting paintings, direct and full of atmosphere. You have really captured the feel of the landscape. I particularly like the portraits too.

I visited your exotic city in the 1970s and it was a very interesting experience.

Greetings from Sydney, Australia.

Nusret Topuzoğlu said...

Marion thank you very much,glad you like my work.I visited Sydney in 1990 and liked it very much.A city comparable to Istanbul in beauty!


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