Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Big Ben my Way

As I mentioned somewhere below,I was in London Area last Spring.Been to London for only a couple of hours and only took a quick tour mostly looking for an eye shade(sleeping mask?) and a fragrance for Canan,my wife(the C here like in Ceren pronounced like J BTW).

I didn't take any pictures in London but was marvelled again by the glowing intricate details in architecture of the House of Parliement and the Clock Tower mostly referred as Big Ben .It was a great sight under the afternoon sun.

This painting is based on a photo I took in 1985.

It is on half sheet ,50x35cm Britannia.Usual Schmincke colours and Quin Gold from W&N.


deborah kirby said...


This, to me, is your absolute best work to date. Truly, you have become a remarkable artist.

Bravo my friend!


Nusret Topuzo─člu said...

Hi Deb,thank you very much for the nice words,I am suspicious that this my best yet thou!