Sunday, October 19, 2008

Towards an Exihibition!

This week I've been painting towards an exhibition at the end of this month which came up suddenly.Last week I've been invited to exhibit in a gallery in Ankara in replacement of an artist who dropped out.As it is in another city I will be able to exhibit my works previously exhibited in Istanbul plus some new ones but I still need to paint a few more.
This is around 40x60cm but will be cropped to half sheet size 56x37cm to fit an available mat and frame.Turned out to be more colorful than I intended.The bright red spot at the rh side is not that bright IRL. May try this with a different palette as I'm not very happy about it.Hahnemuehle Toscana 200gsm with Schmincke colors.
It is based on a reference photo by a friend ,Melissa Fischer,with some artistic license.

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Melissa Fischer said...

I love it, Nusret! The colors are wonderful and really bring the scene to life. The stream is a very nice addition and very well done.