Friday, June 27, 2008

Afternoon Nap

A local taking a nap sitting at the food market in Bodrum.Well,its hot,its boring may be not too many customers for her mellons so its inevitable!
A small size sketch with my usual material.

Evening Stroll

A typical Bodrum night at the Barlar Sokağı (Bar Street).Not a place I'd like to be at crowded nights ,too many people and no breeze.

I used a narrow format here ,50x30cm Hahnemuehle Toscana 200gm+Schmincke paints.

Bodrum Time!

Not really because its very hot at this very the moment like 35'C.I'll be driving for Bodrum on Tuesday with DW,MIL&FIL and three cats..We'll be staying for two months.Its a long drive,not less than 12 hrs.

So its probably appropriate to post some Bodrum paintings from the archive.
This is 1/4 sheet Fabriano Artistico rough 300 gm+Schmincke colors.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Morning Work

Full Sheet(50x70cm) Hahnemuehle Britannia 300gms+Schmincke colors.
A combination of imagination,ref photos I took and myself being a model for the front character.
This painting began with photo I took at the Bodrum food bazaar.The fat man with the hat looked interesting and I wanted to do a painting of him.
This is how this painting evolved from this photo from a market scene to something else in a full sheet.
First sketch is 1/4 sheet size,
the other two are 1/2 sheet size except the last one which is full sheet.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Down by the Hill

1/4 sheet size Hahnemuehle Brittania 300 gsm+Schmincke colours.
One of this year's pieces which I tried a slightly different style again.

It is currently in the private collection of a very good friend (and a summer neighbour in Bodrum) Esra Sirman who is a fine artist.

Hi Esra hope to meet very soon in Bodrum!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Golden Horn

These are based on a slide I took about 35 years ago during a boat ride along the Golden Horn (Haliç as we call it).It was full of fascinating sights of shipyards, every imaginable type of old and new boats and ships etc.

The first one was done a few years back,you can see the difference in the styles which is in fact intentional.
Both are done on full sheet papers second one on Hahnemuehle Britannia,first one on back side of Guarro.
I entered the second one into the SAA yearly contest 2008 thinking it turned out pretty well as a sea scene but it didn't bring anything,judges apparently disagreed with me.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Winter Sleep

This is again one with a drier technique like some recent ones done on 26x35cm Arches rough 300 gsm.

A photo of mine of a shipyard in Bodrum where I have a summer house.Done with lots of artistic license of course.

It was published in the Safe&Sound Gallery in SAA (Societe for All Artists)March 08 News Letter.

At the Beach

Speaking of little white clouds,I like this one with the same little cloud above,done on the same paper.Its one of my favourites I don't know why I just love it.
Painted with a limited palette of Ultramarine blue and burnt sienna by Schmincke.

Lone Walker

I like taking walks in nature,if I can find nature in this big metropole of course!So I thought my first post would be a reflection of this .
1/4 sheet size Fabriano Artistico rough 300gsm.

I like working on this rough paper leaving dry brush marks on its teeth like the little white cloud above.
On hold for my next exhibit