Saturday, December 24, 2011

"International Watercolor Contest" on Facebook

It is much,much bigger now than first planned and although the jury is a little unbalanced it consists of some watercolor giants like Guan Weixing ,Ong Kim Seng etc.I'm glad some of the jury members were my recommendations to the Administration.

I joined in the the contest rather late so I haven't been expecting anything from public voting which has been open to much manipulations but I'm pretty sure I can be in the final 200 which will seperately be selected by the jury so that I can take place in the contest album.
Please go there and vote(like) for all the works you really like.If you like to vote for my paintings here they are:

I'm not sure the above links will be clickable but you can do copy/paste etc. if they don't.

Friday, May 27, 2011

My Little Lion!

We have our Chim Chim's fur shaved recently as he wouldn't let anybody to comb his mats.He had to be anesthetised and got three shots,not nice!

Although I'm sorry for him,I must admit he looks very funy with his lion cut!But never again,We will try to prevent in time mats to form .

Sorry for the photo ,as my old Canon is in its death bed I couldn't take a better shot.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Recent Exhibition

Today my exhibition is officially over.I'll take down the remaining paintings tomorrow."Remaining"doesn't mean a lot sold,only six but I'm not unhappy about it.It was a very small but very nice galery and only 25 paintings were in display. 5 of the sold paintings are Istanbul scenes,landscapes of which I had strong hope of sales didn't sell so maybe this is something I should keep in mind for the next exhibition.I'm happy that my Shanghay Biennale piece was also sold.

By the way, my "Pastoral" was in display in the opening night then I sent it to France as it was selected for the Salon de L'Aquarelle du Haylan 2011 international Watercolor Exhibition which will start on 18th April.