Sunday, July 20, 2008

Painters Block (not Blog!)

Cold Pressed

Blue Vase

I haven't painted since I've come to Bodrum except today.I am afraid I have a painters block.Lots of excuses not to paint;an awkard and limited working space,too hot and I don't like painting in an air conditioned room etc, etc.

I've just painted two small quickies today and as I expected both ended in the bin.

If I wait for new paintings to post here I'm afraid Icannot update my blog often.These are two recent studies done couple of weeks ago in Istanbul,both 1/4 sheet size.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


A close up:

Another one of this year's small pieces on 36x25 cm Arches rough 300gms.I used the same drier technique here with some dry brush effects.Palette is limited;only ultramarine blue,burnt sienna and if I remember correctly some Translucent Orange from Schmincke.

I don't remember if I made a preliminary drawing, I probably did not.

On hold for exhibit.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Bronze Gallery Summer Exhibition-Quiet Water

This is my second painting in display at the moment at the Bronze Gallery along with the "Red Chair"

Its a narrow format 50x30cm Hahnemuehle Britannia.

The exhibition will be open between 25th July-23rd August 2008.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Resting Time

Another half sheet sized (56x38 cm Fabriano Artistico rough 300gm)painting.
I added the background of boats later as it received some comments that he needed something to show what he was doing as the nets he was mending had not been read well (I hate making complicated sentences like this with different tenses as I'm probably doing them incorrect!). The original is here.
Some objected the tittle too.Does a fisherman mend his net in his resting time?I believe he does if he is self employed so its still "Resting Time".


A half sheet effort done on Hahnemuehle Toscana(200gr).Lightness was no problem as I fully wetted the paper first and worked fast so there were no buckling.

I think this painting is an example of a combination of happy accidents with a little help from myself.

The image here is a little cropped one,original has more space around the fisherman.

The Bronze Gallery Summer Exhibition-Red Chair

This is a redo of a painting I posted at Wet Canvas in 2007.Another artist friend Deborah Kirby loved it so much, I sent it to her as a gift.
Its a small one ,1/4 sheet Hahnemuehle Britannia.

Summer Exhibition by John Yardley and Other Artists

...and I'm in it!
My two paintings which I'll try to upload here are in display in this exhibition which is taking place between 28th June -23rd August 2008 at The Bronze Gallery in Hartley Wintney,Hampshire UK.

I cannot believe my name is mentioned along with John Yardley and some other prominent British artists including Richard Sorrel! It is exciting!

I hope I will soon be able to post some images from the exhibition.

Well the story goes like this.Couple of weeks ago I was in UK demoing in a workshop organized my friend Jean Haines.She took my paintings to the gallery where she regularly exhibits and they were accepted for the Summer Exhibition(it goes without saying that I'm grateful to her for doing this!). She is also exhibiting works there along with another friend Fernando Pena from Uruguay.

From Bodrum 2

These are images that I couldn't upload earlier.Views of the Bodrum Harbour.Aerial one is a stock image the other is mine.

From Bodrum

Finally my first post from Bodrum!Have been dealing with usual problems in the house ,phone lines(I'm dial up here!), solar panels,etc etc.Its normal when you leave a summer house unattended for ten months...and I cannot post images probably because of the bad connection!Will try later.